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I’m a big animal lover and have had my fair share of pets. I truly believe animals are amazing companions, no matter how big or small they are.

When I was about 5 years old, my parents got our first pet, a cockatiel.  He was beautiful! When we got him, he had his tail bitten off by a dog that he used to live with, so it was a lot of love and affection for that little guy coming from us!

A few years later, we got offered a female cockatiel which we were eager to take her in as well.  I loved playing with the cockatiels, having them sing and dance when the music was on, or fly over me and sit on my head when I was passing by the room.  You never would have thought that parrots could be fun but they were incredible! Therefore, it was very heartbreaking when we had to find them a new home since we were moving from Russia to the US.

Cockatiels, two of which I owned since I was 5.

Shortly after moving to the US, we got a green parakeet.  He was very chatty but unfortunately he only lived for about 3 years.

Our home felt very quiet after the passing of our parakeet, and while we knew that getting another parakeet would be too hard on us mentally, we agreed to get a small pet.

A few days after our discussion of getting a new pet, I came home with a tiny little mouse. She was a sandy colour and very active! She did escape from her cage a couple of times, and in the middle of the night I would find her running up to my bed! That’s not something you’d want to wake up to, but I was used to handling her so I had no issues getting her back in her cage.

About 4 years later, my precious little mouse died.  My brother and I were heartbroken, especially since it’s the first pet my younger brother ever had.

After the passing of my mouse, my family took some time to recover and they were in for a surprise when I brought it a beautiful cat one day.  My dad was against any cats or dogs as they come with a lot of responsibility but I begged him to just give this cat a chance.

I named my gorgeous boy, Simba.

Simba, my bengal mix.

Next thing you know, my cat is getting all the vaccinations, a microchip and his own travel documents to move with us from the US to Russia! My kitty was going international! He’s a gorgeous Bengal x Domestic mix and is very muscular but jumps with such ease! I can talk about him for hours so I’ll save that for another post.

Since Simba stayed in Russia with my parents, and I ended up moving back to the US, I needed a companion.  I ended up getting not one, but TWO kittens and I was in for some rude awakening.

Two kittens were a handful, especially when they would run around the whole apartment in the middle of the night and jump on my bed.  The most frustrating part was that if I tried to lock them out of the room, they would just sit at the door and meow all night. Have you ever heard a kitten meow?! It tugs at your heart strings.

Here is a picture of my two trouble makers.  When I first got them I called them Ace and Ash.  (Don’t do that, it gets very confusing! After this, I am definitely not naming my kids anything that sounds remotely alike.)

My two little troublemakers, my kittens.

Ace and Ash cuddling.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t handle the two of them together, and they weren’t a good fit because the boy kept on bullying my girl so I was lucky enough that the person I got them from took Ace back without any issues and found him a new home.

I renamed my new addition, Nala.

She is so beautiful, loving and affectionate.  Her mother was a Bombay cat, and they are known for their affection and love for water.  She loved water alright .. whenever I would go in to take a shower, she would get in between my shower curtains and just sit there, or actually get in the bathtub and sit where only little droplets of water would hit her. She just LOVED playing with water.  There was no point in even putting water in her water dish, as most of it ended up in a pool on the floor.

Here’s a video of my beautiful girl in bed with me. She lives for lazy mornings.

Nala :)


Once my husband and I made the decision that we would be moving to the UK, I knew that I couldn’t put Nala through so much stress.  I’ve been how Simba reacted to the flight, and I just couldn’t do the same to Nala.  She would have to endure a 12 hour flight + a 4 hour layover + 4 hour flight just to get to Moscow with me, which is where I was traveling in order to apply for my spouse visa.

Here are a few snapshots of Nala. Feel free to click on any picture to enlarge (you will stay on the current page.)

You can definitely see how affectionate and cuddly she is.

[envira-gallery id=”1036″]

I was lucky enough that an acquaintance from high school saw my post on Facebook and offered to take her in as he already had 2 other cats.  I see photos of Nala from time to time and it makes me calm that she is happy with her new pals and new family who take good care of her.

Now that I am finally settling in the UK, my husband and I plan on getting a cat.  I am slightly allergic to cats so we are trying to find those breeds that don’t produce as much of the allergen protein, Fel d 1 / Fel d 4.  So far, we have narrowed it down to the Burmese, Russian Blue, and Bengal x Burmese mix that I saw, which are absolutely gorgeous!  However, we might just end up going to a shelter and I will most likely fall in love with a black little kitty, as I think black cats are stunning.

  • What types of pets have you had?
  • Have you ever had to move countries with your pet?

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