Back from a Hiatus – Blog Layout Update

Coffee Talks

Hi lovelies! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and I’ve been craving to be back at my keyboard and typing my thoughts away.

I’ve had a blog layout update, thanks to my amazing and talented husband! I know, I know .. spring is meant to be bright and refreshing but I am loving the brown coffee accent.  I also feel like it makes for a cozy little corner of the web.

You’ll notice that I have fewer categories than I’ve had before. This is because I wanted to have general categories rather than specific ones.

Back from a Hiatus – Blog Layout Update

You can now browse through the following:

Coffee Talks – this is where I’ll be posting my general lifestyle posts. These posts include updates from my life to ideas for your weekend in.  Most of the reviews for every day products can be found here as well.  Interviews with girl bosses, power couples and entrepreneur will also be featured here!

Food – I share my (family) recipes and restaurant reviews.

Relationships – the posts in this category focus on wedding planning, living together and relationship advice.  All the wedding planning that I’ve done for my destination wedding in Cyprus will be here as well – along with tips and tricks!

Health & Fitness – Fitness inspiration, fitness journey and my fitness routine can be found here.

Hair & Beauty – makeup reviews, makeup tips and tricks, as well as anything beauty related can we found here.

Travel – Travel advice and posts about my travels can be found here.  This year I’ve got some Moscow travels planned and Dominican Republic! Still have a few posts about Cyprus, which will be posted on the blog very soon.

Now that I’m back, I’m very excited to get back to blogging and getting to know my readers!  If there’s anything you’d like to know about or want reviewed, let me know!

  • Welcome back! A little change is always refreshing, and I really like the soft background colour!


  • Yiotou_La

    Cannot wait to see more, I love every category, from beauty to travel to recipes! :) Cyprus???? I am from Cyprus! Did you travel here? I am so excited to hear all.about it!


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