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Calvin Klein One Mascara .. so much hope and status in its name but does it live up to the expectations?
I definitely have mixed feelings with CK mascara.  I love it one day and the next day I want to throw it in the trash. Though the fact that I’ve been using it for over 3 months would probably suggest that I do indeed like it.

I, just like many others, got this mascara as a birthday present from Ulta which I was very excited about!  “Calvin Klein”, I thought, “this ought to be good!”  And while I like the mascara, I think I am slowly falling out of love with it.

CK Calvin Klein One Mascara Review on

I do like the formula, while it may be too “wet” for some people I actually prefer it.  It dries fast enough so I don’t have to be super careful with moving my eyes after I’ve put it on.

I tend to wear this mascara when I know I have a long day ahead as the formula stays on very well.  So well, in fact, that it takes a bit of work to get it off at the end of the day even though the mascara isn’t marketed as “waterproof”.  I love the fact that this mascara doesn’t smudge, as I always wear mascara on my lower lashes and wouldn’t want to look like a raccoon.

It does make my lashes longer but does not give them much volume, which is usually what I’m after.  Down below you can see CK mascara on the left eye and no mascara on the right.

CK Calvin Klein One Mascara Review on

I absolutely love the packaging, the material used on the tube is very nice to hold and the clean and simple design definitely makes it very appealing to the eye.  I was also obsessed with the brush when I first got it, twisting it back and forth.  I think I showed it to anyone who would look, which was mostly my poor husband, who I felt the need to share my beauty finds with.

CK Calvin Klein One Mascara Review on

The rubber brush has two settings that you can switch between with a twist of the cap.  One twist shrinks the brush to give you a volumizing effect and a twist back to the original position gives you a longer brush to define, lengthen and separate your lashes.

In the picture below you can see that for the most part CK mascara does lengthen the lashes but doesn’t give them much volume.

CK Calvin Klein One Mascara Review on

I usually start off with a shorter brush right near the roots of my lashes and then switch to a longer one to make my lashes longer and to separate them.

Calvin Klein One Mascara is great for contact wearers and I have tried it out on myself.  There is nothing more frustrating than wearing contacts and having your mascara flake, with CK this would definitely be out of the question!

I’ve seen quite a bit of negative reviews for this mascara with people saying that it smudges and flakes but I haven’t had any issues with that.  I think it’s a good mascara, especially if you get it for free (yay, Ulta!) but there are definitely better drug store alternatives out there.

If you are interested, you can purchase CK One Mascara at Debenham’s for about £17.00 or about $18 at Ulta.

Also, what’s up with stuff being more expensive in the UK?! I’m not liking this one bit ..

  • What are your thoughts? Have you tried CK One Mascara?


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