NYX Eyeshadow Base Review + Swatches


One of my all time favourite make up lines out there is NYX.  I just love their eyeshadows, liners and lipsticks! There is 1 product that I have been loving for over 5 years now, and that’s the NYX eyeshadow base!NYX-eyeshadow-base

I was lucky enough to stumble upon NYX eyeshadow base products early on and have been using them ever since even after trying some other “high end” products.  I currently have skin tone, pearl and white shades but for some reason I have 5 different jars! (with the white one being the most popular)

Take a look at the different shades, you can see white, pearl and skin shade with eyeshadow on them.  All the way on the right is what this same eyeshadow pigment looks like without any base.  It’s definitely a clear difference!


As you can see, I’m always scared of running out of the product .. though I have yet to go through the whole jar! At first I wasn’t a fan of the fact that the product came in a jar but if you apply it with a brush, then it’s not a problem at all.

So what is eyeshadow base? Well, eyeshadow base is pretty much a primer for your eyelids, and it gives your eyeshadow a clean foundation to build upon.


Eyeshadow pigments with white, pearl and skin shades underneath, and all the way on the right is pigment without any base.

The texture is amazing, and it goes on just like a concealer would, and stays a bit tacky which I find very helpful because I’m able to pat on some loose eye pigments if I wish.

The colour turnout with these bases is amazing, and the lasting power is incredible.  I can go 12+ hours and not have my eyeshadow crease.

Review and swatches of NYX eyeshadow base in pearl white, white and base shades. Along side of NYX powder eye shadow. Read more at coffeewithree.com

It’s also great as a little goes a long way, and the best part is that they don’t dry up! As I’ve already stated, I have a few “back up” jars and I have yet to use one and it’s still as nice and silky as the day that I bought it.

I used my NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigment on top of the eyeshadow base and I think they look amazing! These babies have lasted me quite some time as well.  I especially love the yellow pigment, it is very POP and in your face.

Bottom line: I highly suggest you check these NYX eyeshadow bases out.  They will make your eyeshadow pop and last you quite some time! You can easily find NYX products at any ULTA store for about $7, which is a good investment, counting that it would last you ages.

  • Have you tried NYX eyeshadow bases before?
  • What’s your favorite eye primer?
  • What’s your favorite NYX product?

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