Wedding Series: Part 4 – Wedding Cake and Music


Wedding Cake

Let’s start with the basics, you’ll need to decide on the shape of your cake and the number of tiers. The number of tiers will also depend on the amount of people you have at your wedding. We ended up getting a 2 tier cake for about 28 people. In reality, everyone was so full from our buffet that it took us 2 days after the wedding to actually finish off our cake!

There are a handful of cake shapes that you can choose from, including round, square, pillow, square or heart, just to name a few.  We also played around with the idea of getting little cupcakes/mini cakes so everyone would have their own serving.

Ordering the cake was the last item on my wedding checklist and I was sorting it out about a month before the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the cake at my wedding. The colours were vibrant and New York Sweets listened to all my requests.

Wedding cake made by New York sweets in Cyprus.

The only issue was that there was clearly some kind of mistake on top of the cake because you could clearly see an imprint.  I am not sure if this happened during transfer or already at the hotel but I was still pretty happy with it.

Just make sure that you plan your cake cutting ceremony for either later in the evening, or have your cake brought out right before you are about to cut it.  Our cake was out for only about 15 minutes but it started to melt in 27 degree Celcius heat.

Cake Topper

I wanted to personalise our wedding as much as possible so I went on Etsy to search for unique items.  My search brought up some cake toppers and I ordered a personalised cake topper with our surname on it.  It was fairly inexpensive and looked great on a cake.  Take a look at the Etsy shop here.

Wedding cake made by New York sweets in Cyprus, along with personalised laser cut cake topper.


This is where I feel like I made a huge mistake. We paid 330 euros for our DJ and I was very disappointed. My guests were not happy with the music and I was not impressed with his music choices. This was very disappointing, especially since in our talks prior to the wedding, I’ve specified that I do not want any music from before 1990s. Yet, all we heard at the wedding was 80s music. We wanted a modern wedding with modern songs and it is not what we got. Thankfully, we provided the DJ with about 80 of our own songs that we wanted played, and he was able to play some of those.

In my opinion, if you have a wedding with less than 30 guests, then you should just get a music player and have your own playlist. This will save you money and assure you that only songs you like will be played at your wedding.

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Wedding Series: Part 4 - Wedding Cake and Music
Part 4 of the wedding series: How to pick your wedding cake, my personalised cake topper and my opinion on hiring a DJ.
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  • That has got to be the cutest and prettiest and most colorful wedding cake I’ve ever seen! It looks really pretty! and yummy!

    I did not have a DJ at my first wedding. It was about 30 guests too, and I just played music from my own playlist on a bluetooth speaker. Nothing fancy but it did the trick!

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