Wedding Series: Part 2 – Top Wedding Hotels in Cyprus


So you’ve decided to have your wedding in Cyprus, but now you need to decide what part of Cyprus would be ideal for you and your guests.  Have no fear, I’ve got answers! I want to give you an overview of top wedding hotels in Cyprus, categorised by 4 major resort towns.

Just a year ago, I was in your position, searching the internet, reading endless forum threads on what the best or most ideal wedding locations in Cyprus were.  In the end we picked Limassol and got married at The Elias Hotel.

Here is a view of our ceremony on the Elias Beach Pier.

Wedding Series: Part 2 – Top Wedding Hotels in Cyprus


There are 2 parts to Cyprus; Southern Cyprus and Northern which is under the Turkish rule.   My husbanced and I opted for southern Cyprus and had to pick between 4 resort towns: Paphos, Limassol, Aiya-Napa and Protaras.  This is where the choice becomes yours, depending on what type of wedding/holiday you wish to have.  We knew that we wanted something a bit more quiet but with a nice, sandy entrance to the sea, so Limassol was the clear choice.

* Asterix next to a hotel name means that this particular hotel was on our short list of venues but was not chosen either due to date availability, cost (for rooms – as we took our guests into consideration) or didn’t have a pier.


Believed to be the birthplace of Greek Goddess of love and beauty ‘Aphrodite’.  Very quiet area, popular with couples or families.  Rocky sea entrance but known for its white sand beaches.

Top 3 wedding hotels in Paphos:

The Annabelle

Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel *

Alexander the Great Beach Hotel *

Alexander the Great was actually a hotel that I wanted for our wedding but it was a bit too expensive for our guests, so we decided against it.  However, it is part of the Kanika group, which is the same group as the Elias Hotel, so I imagine that the level of service was about the same.


Family friendly, with a sandy sea entrance, however, the sand is grey in colour as opposed to white or yellow on other Cyprus beaches.

Top 5 wedding venues in Limassol:

The Royal Apollonia 

St Raphael Resort

Le Meridien Spa & Resort * The resort is closed for renovation until March 2017.  It looked like a stunning resort, so I cannot wait to see the changes that they are going to make.

Mediterranean Beach Hotel

Elias Hotel **

We picked the Elias Hotel for many reasons –

• Wedding on a pier – check
• Cost effective for all of our guests
• Amazing views of the sea
• Incredible view from the pier
• Only 1 wedding a day
• Incredibly fast response from the Wedding Coordinator, Lydia.  She is the main reason as to why we picked this hotel, she was absolutely incredible and always helpful.

View towards the hotel along the pier.

Wedding at the Elias Beach Pier. View towards the Elias Beach Hotel. Read more on tips and tricks of planning a wedding in Cyprus. Read more on

I posted the above picture just so you could see just how secluded the pier makes your ceremony.  As I was starting my walk, there were people all around me, most that just got up off their sun loungers to take a look but as I made my way down the pier, all of their faces disappeared and it was just our own private wedding.


Great for families, young people, singles and couples.  Aiya-Napa is well known for being party central and has a fantastic night life and restaurants to go with it.  The beaches have gorgeous white sand.  This destination is also very popular for weddings and it may be because there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from.  This is great if you have guests who are on a budget.  Let’s say you are having your wedding at a 5* hotel and some of your guests cannot afford it, they can stay at a cheaper hotel down the road from you and still attend your wedding! Just check with your wedding planner/coordinator if there are any fees for guests who are not staying at the resort.

Top 5 wedding venues in Aiya-Napa:

Napa Plaza Hotel

Nissi Beach Resort *

Olympic Lagoon Hotel *

Dome Beach Hotel & Resort 

Grecian Sands Hotel *


Gorgeous white sandy beaches, not too far from Aiya-Napa.  Protaras would’ve been our wedding location, but unfortunately, it was not cheap for guests to stay there.

Capo Bay Beach Hotel

Grecian Park Hotel *

Crystal Springs Beach Hotel

Golden Coast Beach Hotel

Sunrise Beach Hotel 

You could also have your wedding in a villa or privately on a municipal beach.  There are some incredible villas that you can rent out for your wedding celebration.

Are you thinking of hiring a wedding coordinator, or do you plan on tackling your wedding planning on your own?

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*All photos are taken by Capture Photography.

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