Wedding Series: Part 3 – Wedding Planners and Wedding Bouquet


When I started researching venues and wedding planners for my wedding, I was very frustrated. Many planners took a long time to respond, and those that were quick at responding seemed to have numerous weddings on the same day as mine. There was also an interesting instance where I was planning on hiring this woman until she flat out told me to change my wedding date just so I could fit into her schedule. If your wedding date doesn’t make a difference to you, then it’s not an issue, however, if you’d like to be in control of your date then you might need to find someone who is available or do it independently.

Wedding planning for a wedding abroad. Wedding in Cyprus and everything you need to know about DJs, Makeup, Hair, Photographers, Videographers and Cakes.

I had emailed a wedding planner, who seemed to be exactly what I wanted, with fantastic prices, dual languages (Russian and English for our ceremony) and was able to do gorgeous décor. The only issue was that she took about a week to answer my emails, and to me, that was way too long.  In the time it took this wedding planner to answer one of my emails, I had already exchanged at least 5 with another planner. This other planner seemed promising, and I already had secured my wedding date with my venue, and all other dates in the month of July were already taken. This planner flat out told me to reschedule my wedding date to suit her schedule. Needless to say, I did not keep in contact with them. This is when I’ve decided that I had a fantastic wedding coordinator at the hotel we have booked for our venue, and I can definitely organize everything myself.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are great if you are having your wedding on short notice because usually wedding planners have their preferred suppliers that they work with.  However, if you are capable of emailing, and talking to people then you can definitely organize your own wedding. It is a lot easier than it seems, plus you’ll have the flexibility of picking the vendors that you want, as long as your venue allows it.

Most hotels have their own wedding coordinator and their own rules on vendors, so check on that before you go and put down payments on DJs, photographers, decorations and other wedding needs.  To be honest, if I weren’t such a control freak, I would’ve easily trusted Lydia (from Elias Beach) with my wedding day from start to finish.  Lydia had the most important quality that I was looking for in a coordinator and that’s replying in a timely manner.  Some days I would send her 4+ emails, all talking about different topics (because as a bride to be, your mind is all over the place) and she would respond to each and every one of them, without missing a beat.

Wedding Series: Part 3 – Wedding Planners and Wedding Bouquet

When I see women on Facebook chats/groups having a melt down because a tour operator is taking ages to reply or aren’t sending them any information, it breaks my heart.  I cannot imagine how anyone can be so patient and put up with being kept in the dark, especially when it comes to their wedding day.  This is exactly the reason as to why I decided to plan my own wedding, I saved my sanity and money!

By doing everything independently, I was able to negotiate costs, and personalise the wedding to suit my needs.

For your wedding day you will need to sort out the following:

• Color Scheme / Decorations / Ceremony
• Bouquet
• Cake
• Music / DJ
• Videographer
• Photographer
• Wedding Favours
• Hair and Makeup

Now that you’ve (hopefully) figured out whether or not you’re planning your wedding on your own or hiring a planner, it’s time to make more decisions.

Colour scheme, flowers, and cake. These were my 3 big headaches. You’d be surprised how simple it was for me to pick a dress, yet I stressed and kept going back and forth on my decisions for our colours, cake and flowers.

On our wedding day our colour theme was fuschia and aqua. Prior to our wedding it was everything from Teal and Fuschia, to Orange/Coral and Teal, to Purple and Teal. It wasn’t until about a month and a half before the wedding until I finally settled on the colours. You will keep changing your mind, but just go with what you first decided – in the end it will be the right decision, and if not, it’s really not the end of the world. At the end of the day, those colours aren’t going to make any difference to how you feel about your husband.

Ceremony + Decor

About 6 months prior to the wedding, I found a company that would do decorations for our wedding. They were not my top choice but I felt that they were my last resort. The prices were ridiculously high and their work wasn’t unique or breathtaking.

I was also struggling to find someone to perform our wedding ceremony. We wanted the ceremony to be in both Russian and English because we had quite a mix of relatives.

Thankfully, about a month and a half before the wedding ceremony, I found Special Moments. The company is run by a Russian woman named Anna and she can help you with everything from decorations to photographers and florists.

Anna and her team did such an amazing job decorating the pier and restaurant for our ceremony.  Colours of fuschia and blue were wonderfully married together throughout our wedding decor, and the attention to detail was incredible.

This picture was taken after our wedding ceremony, you can see confetti and fake rose petals on the ground that were used for our celebratory exit.

After the wedding ceremony. Wedding decor, fuchsia and blue/teal for wedding at Elias Beach in Limassol, Cyprus. Decor done by Special Moments.

Wedding decor, fuchsia and blue/teal for wedding at Elias Beach in Limassol, Cyprus. Decor done by Special Moments.

Here is a view of our table decor, featuring sand, fuchsia and blue sea stars, candles and flowers.

Table wedding decor, fuchsia and blue/teal for wedding at Elias Beach in Limassol, Cyprus. Decor done by Special Moments.

Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet in fuchsia, teal and orange by Louise from Bouquet Beautiful.

I’ve opted for foam flowers, as I wanted to keep my flowers after the wedding. However, I didn’t follow through with that completely, as I was influenced to do a bouquet toss and ended up giving my bouquet to the girl who caught it. However, I still have my husband’s boutonniere, which is enough for me.

You can also have silk flowers made or opt for a brooch bouquet. These are all great options for preserving your memories. I ended up going to Etsy for my flowers and found Bouquet Beautiful. Louise was very patient and fantastic with all of my requests.  Louise made my wedding bouquet, along with corsages for the women in my family and boutonnieres for the men.

Corsage in fuchsia and teal by Louise from Bouquet Beautiful.

Remember how I told you that my colour theme changed numerous times? Well she was great at changing the colours of the flowers for me and constantly sending me updates and ideas. Once I’ve placed my flower order I knew that I was set on my color theme, there was no going back. It felt scary but calming all at the same time because that’s one less decision I would have to make in the future.

Boutonniere for a wedding in fuchsia and blue by Louise from Bouquet Beautiful.

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*All photos were taken by Capture Photography.

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  • Amy Eade

    Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful! The location is stunning as is the decor and the colours you chose! I think I would plan myself rather than get a wedding planner – I’m sure it’s more stressful but I’d rather be in control!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

    • Aw, thank you! :) To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised that it all worked out so well. It’s definitely satisfying to see all your hard work pay off. x

  • This is beyond amazing. I am loving the colours x

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