Wedding Planning Frenzy


Every little girl dreams of her fairytale wedding and by the time a woman gets engaged she usually knows exactly what she wants at her wedding.  I am not one of those women.


Wedding cake couple topper


Sure, I have always wondered what my wedding day would be like but I was mostly interested as to who the lucky guy would be instead of what flavour cake I am going to have.  Perhaps I have made a mistake, I should’ve started planning my wedding years ago!  My single friends seem to think that wedding planning is such an exciting task, I tell them that they are delusional!


I got married a little over 6 months ago in a private ceremony, at the court house to be precise.  Prior to getting married my husband and I discussed that we will be having a symbolic wedding ceremony to  celebrate our union with our friends and family in the future.


You see I am Russian but lived in the US and my husband is English, which gives us 3 countries of friends and relatives to choose between for our wedding celebration.  Instead we have decided to have our wedding ceremony in a completely different country, so now I am planning a wedding in a country I’ve never been to – Cyprus!


I have lived in 3 different countries, with 3 different time zones during the planning process and not one of those countries has been Cyprus.  Time zones have been a struggle when it comes to getting in touch with vendors and I had to have a little lesson in geography of Cyprus, just so I know what cities are near our venue and what are the best airports to fly in to are.  I also lived on Facebook pages for Cyprus brides to get every piece of information or tips that I could pick up.  Yet I still feel like I’m clueless about this wedding planning process …


I intend to take you on my wedding planning journey as I finalize everything for the big day. Countdown to July 1 starts NOW!
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