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I’ve recently read an amazing book that made me really question a lot of things. The book responsible for this is “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty.

I finished this book about two weeks ago but had to give it time to settle, so I could reflect on it. The book deals with some heavy topics such as amnesia, death, divorce, and infertility but the author does a wonderful job tying all of the issues in way that it’s not too overwhelming and instead the story flows easily.

What Alice Forgot, or what would you do if you lost 10 years worth of memories? Read more on CoffeeWithRee.com

“Employing the old amnesia trick from countless novels and films, Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot (Amy Einhorn) centers on a woman who goes to the gym, hits her head, and loses all memory of the past decade, which was apparently quite eventful: While Alice wakes up thinking she’s 29, deliriously happy in her marriage and newly pregnant, in fact she’s a 39-year-old mother of three in the midst of a hideous divorce. What happened? Alice tries to piece it together with the help of her sister, whose own past is so riddled with loss that she might welcome some amnesia herself. Funny and knowing, especially about the details of domesticity, this agile novel is also a light-handed look at what we choose to remember, and fight to forget.”

While I think it’s an amazing book and I would highly recommend it to anyone, this is not a book review but more of a “what if” post.

What if you, just like Alice, lost 10 years of your memory?

10 years ago, the year was 2005. I was a sophomore in high school, still trying to figure everything out, juggling high school with my social life and not thinking too much about my future. In the past 10 years I have matured from an irresponsible 15 year old to a woman who now knows what’s good for her.

The book also made me look at my marriage differently. It made me realise that everyone is their own person and it won’t do anyone any good to get frustrated over little things. Your spouse should be your best friend and the one person you can count on, no matter what. “What Alice Forgot” brought out a very scary scenario that someone could find themselves in.

If I woke up right now with 10 years of my memory missing, I wouldn’t know who my husband is, I wouldn’t know what country I am in since I’ve moved back here only a few years back, and I wouldn’t know how to drive a car, and these things are just scratching the surface. What about all the life lessons I’ve learned on the way to becoming the woman I am today, what about all the happy memories and the sad ones that have shaped me into who I am?

While the book touches on a few big issues, divorce is the one that really stuck out to me because it was written so well that I was feeling the character’s pain, suffering and confusion.

So take risks, make memories, take lots of pictures, and live your life in a way where even 10 years from now, your spouse is still your best friend and you love one another just as you did when you first met.

How do you think you’d feel if you lost 10 years of your memories?


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